Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Travel Tuesday: Seattle, WA

The Secret of Seattle
(Subtitle: Why Washingtonians Tell Everybody it Rains All the Time)

I currently live in Texas, because one day I decided to go to graduate school and work with a well-known psychophysiological aggression researcher. Although I love the program I'm in, I am frequently reminded how much I am not a Texan.

Most of the time when people ask me where I'm from (usually after I giggle because somebody says "fixin' to" or "y'all") I say "Seattle." [If I say "Washington," they automatically assume I meant D.C., and I have to politely tell them that I'm from the complete opposite side of the country.] Their response inevitably includes something about how rainy and cloudy Seattle is, and I must have moved to Texas as soon as I could to enjoy the warm weather.

Yeah, that's it.

Really, us Washingtonians lie. We all pretend that it rains significantly more than it actually does so that you all don't decide to move to our favorite place in the world.

If everybody knew, there'd be far too many people moving here. Shh, don't spoil the secret.

(You really should visit, though! May through August are the prettiest months, but it stays temperate almost all year-round.)

Sar is a mid-20s graduate student at Baylor University. She's attempting to earn her PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience. Her hobbies include photography, working out, and drinking Diet Coke (breakfast of champions). Sar also teaches an introductory statistics course, which means her students think she's ridiculous for thinking numbers are cool. Her full name is Sarah but even her good friends forget how it's spelled so she goes by Sar. You can find Sar at love love love is all you need or @lovelovelovesar.

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