Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Goals

I really liked the April Goals post that I did last month, so I'm definitely doing mine this month.  Are you making goals for this month?

Review of April Goals:
1. Get my Aggie Ring: Check!
2. Take 26 of 30 possible photos for this month: Gah. Didn't even get close. This month has been so overwhelming, I hardly took any of my daily photos.
3. Hang up my Keep Calm and Carry On poster: Check!
4. Work out at least three times a week, every week: Almost did this!
5. Attend the Every Victim, Every Time conference: Done! Really enjoyed it, very informational and met some great people.
6. Do at least one photo shoot with a friend: Done! I haven't posted the photos yet, but I will soon.
7. Keep up with laundry and cleaning so they don't became overwhelming all-day chores on Saturdays: Did all right with this, but definitely need to do better.
8. Take some suuuuper legit photos at Chilifest on the 9th: Check! Go 'like' Maroon Weekly on facebook and you can check them out (hopefully I'll get around to posting them on Flickr).
9. Keep up with a budget: I did okay with this, but not great. Hopefully This month *will* be better.
10. Complete at least two of my 101 in 1001 goals: Check! I haven't mailed the second PostSecret secret, but I did make it!

May Goals:
1. China visa. I haven't gotten my visa for China yet. This isn't because I'm not on top of my stuff, but because my program is having some difficulty. Hopefully we'll figure htis out soon.

2. Get everything else done so I can leave for China in 20 days. That's right. I leave in 20 days. Uhhhhh...? So much left to do. I need to get international health insurance, order a temporary cell phone for China, get several copies of my passport, pack, get everything approved through the school, put together a Chinese phrase book I might need, etc. It's crazy.

3. Go to the gym three times a week. Determined to make this a habit!

4. Take 26/31 daily photos.

5. Set up all the guest blogging posts for the summer. Are you interested in being a guest blogger while I'm in China? I've got some cool ideas up. Check out all the details here.

6. Kick ass on my finals. They're almost here. THEY'RE ALMOST HERE. Next week.

7. Vacuum/mop every week. This was the thing I was the worst at last month, so hopefully this will get better. 

8. Journal for thirty minutes every day. I want to start getting in the habit now so I can definitely be good at it this summer.

9.  Explore Shanghai. I can't believe I'm finally getting to write those words. I will be there THIS MONTH.

What are your goals for this month?

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