Friday, March 16, 2012

conversations with my manfriend

I always feel weird saying 'boyfriend,' since at almost 22 he's for sure older than a boy, but 'manfriend' sounds weird too, doesn't it? I guess there's just no winning, is there? dramatic sigh. 

Anyway, if there was ever any doubt that I have issues, that doubt should be gone after you read this conversation with him:

Me: I'm tired. Will you carry me?

Him: What? No. We're walking upstairs, I'll fall.

Me: I meant carry me everywhere.

Him: Absolutely not.

Me: Why not?!

Him: You have legs. Use them.

Me: What if I cut off my legs? Then will you carry me?

Him: I might carry you to an emergency room. Wait -- you're going to cut off your legs so I'll carry you?

Me: Well, if you'll carry me everywhere.

Him: Any paraplegic would slap you right now.

Me: Probably. Are you saying you wouldn't carry me everywhere?

Him: That's exactly what I'm saying.

Me: Rude.

Him: You're probably going to hell.

He's probably right. Anyway. Boyfriend, thank you for putting up with my nonsense. And sorry not sorry for posting this online.

 {Photo taken my above mentioned boy. There, now you have a recent photo of me.}

I'm going to start doing a weekly recap here. (I know, I know, I said I'd do something similar like this once before, but this is for real this time guys.)

Things You Missed Here:
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Things I Did Elsewhere On the Internet:
Sydney +Eric: Engaged | Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX Photography - love this couple, they are absolutely PRECIOUS. Also, I did just a generally bad ass job playing around with the site design, and that deserves some love by itself.
Announcing Bluebonnet Mini Sessions! I am so excited that I'm getting to offer these this year. One session is already gone, so there's only six left. If you want one, jump on it quickly!
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Things You Missed In My Shop:
Print: Bluebonnets at sunset - in case you fall in love with the advertisement for my bluebonnet mini sessions too much. ;)

Things I Didn't Come Up With, But Love:
Paper'd App - Professionally designed wallpapers for your iPhone was released on Monday and featured on the iTunes store by Thursday. #HappySexyPhoneDay
The Bloggess' Historic Ditch Walk. - Yup, that's Texas.
Everlane - Designer clothes for under $100. That's right!

I think that's all the things. Right? What are you guys up to this weekend?


  1. At least your boyfriend is in favor of keeping your limbs intact. Mine says I should cut mine off if I complain about pain.


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