Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my accidental spring break, getting the right things done, and just effing resting for a minute


I'm not in college anymore, but I had an accidental spring break.

I work at my non-profit intern job Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Last Thursday, my boss came in to tell me she'd forgotten she had a conference that weekend, going from this past Friday to Monday afternoon. Because she'd be out and we don't have any major projects at the moment, she let me off for those days.

Then, because I am no longer at this job (I *may* have breathed a sigh of relief on my last day), I didn't have anything to do Saturday, yesterday, or today.

Accidentally in love spring break! (Yes, my boyfriend and working friends hate me. Sorry, not sorry y'all.)

When I first realized this, I thought Yes! I will get so much VCP work done during this break! I'm going to be incorporated and have a massive twitter following and be a famous photographer and and and ALL BY NEXT WEDNESDAY

Wrong. Just, no.

I did get some VCP work done, but that mostly happened the first day of my break and yesterday. What I actually did with the rest of my break was effing relax And you know what? I needed that.

I needed to celebrate being 1/4 Irish on Saturday (it's the smilin' Irish eyes that give me away); I needed to bond with my neighbors on Sunday night (you know who the best neighbors are? a middle aged gay couple with a small cute dog - proven); I needed to read, catch up with Joy Juice, do a DIY project, watch eleventy million episodes of Bones, and sleep in, and and and not worry about ALL  OF THE THINGS.

So is my to do list shorter? Not really. But am I more ready to tackle it? Absolutely. By resting, I got the right things done, even if they weren't things I'd actually written down.

We all need to rest sometimes. I feel like we Americans have a tendency to think that resting means you're lazy or weak, but it doesn't. Resting is good because it means we're ready to keep working the next day. So from now on, I'm adding "rest" to my to do list.


  1. resting is definitely necessary... it's all i did on my spring break :)

  2. I agree.. Rest is definitely important. I tend to malfunction if not rested.

    1. Me too! I need my 8 hours of sleep or I'm useless after a few days.

  3. I could use some effing rest myself. And good for your for embracing it. You are so right, our work benefits from knowing how to rest.

    1. Do it! Rest! Sleep in this weekend! Call in sick on Friday! It's so worth it.

  4. dude, i need to add rest to my list!


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