Thursday, March 1, 2012

March: Kicking It Into High Gear


What is the "It" that I'm kicking into high gear, you ask? Uh, life! For those of you that aren't new to the blog, you've probably seen that I try at the beginning of every month to set out some goals to achieve that month. It holds me accountable, which I need! Sometimes I meet all of them, sometimes I don't meet a single one. That's life, right?

Last month, I did okay! About 50% achievement rate, which yes, would have been failing back in college, except I'm going to grade myself on a curve. I get to do that because I'm the professor of my life.

That sounds so stupid. Even in my head. Anyway. In February, I:

Joined a gym, but not a yoga studio, I got an apartment, I set up a handwriting template, but I still bite my lips (possibly even more now!). I didn't do the staged bridal shoot or be a second shooter for a wedding, but I did set up an Etsy shop to sell my prints AND I scheduled both a staged bridal shoot and when I CAN be a second shooter for a wedding, so those are points in my favor! I hit 100 followers here (hi, guys!), I now have sponsorship spots available (interested? super reasonable prices, promise), and I found a place to go skydiving nearby DC (!!!). A good month, all in all.

Now, in March, here's what I'm planning on:

The Exercise Bucket
Work out three times a week
Become a yoga studio member
Lose 1 pound (I want to lose 12 pounds over all this year, so 1 pound a month)

The Friendship Bucket
Make all my Skype dates with KJ and Cyndi (I miss you guys so much!)
Send cards to friends back home
Send flowers to someone for no reason except to do it

The Self-Improvement Bucket
Stop biting my lips!
Practice calligraphy
Do Rosetta Stone for Spanish five times a week

The Photography Bucket
Do the staged bridal shoot
Schedule a wedding to shoot. (Getting married or want some portraits done? Check out my work here.)

The Internet Everything Bucket
Hit 130 followers on this blog
Start saving up to move my blog to it's own domain
Post 3 times a week

The Creativity Bucket
Write every day
Do one DIY project (I'm thinking of making this painting - my kitchen needs some color!)
Read Uncle Tom's Cabin

The Do Uncomfortable Things Bucket
Find a blog conference to go to
Only use heat on my hair ten times (I'm planning to donate it in May)

(In case you're wondering what the heck these "buckets" are, I explain this whole thing here.)

What are your goals for March 2012? Tell me - maybe we can help each other out toward achieving them! 


  1. I love the idea of actually writing out goals. It makes them seem much more real and makes me more accountable for them!

    I just stumbled across your blog and immediatly began following when I saw the "Live Free and Do Epic Shit".

    1. Yeah?! Haha. Well thanks for the follow! :)

      I absolutely *must* write out goals or I'll never remember what on earth they were! haha.

  2. Hey! I just found your blog! I like your buckets idea. Instead of making a final bucket list, you divide your buckets into manageable monthly buckets, haha.

  3. phew! you did have a good february! I need to make my goal list for March...I guess that's my 1st make a list:-) dreaming big over here! xoxo

  4. the "professor of my life" line didn't sound weird. I actually liked it a lot!

  5. 50% isn't bad at all! you accomplished so much! good luck in the next month :)
    have a great weekend!


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