Wednesday, March 7, 2012

me telling you how I spend some days, and a small request

Since I had all those guest bloggers last month (seriously appreciate y'all), I never got a chance to tell you guys about what exactly I'm up to here in DC.

Currently, I have two jobs, and I work six days a week. Some days, I do basic intern work at a non-profit (picture me collating paper, calling eleventy billion people, and making coffee), and some days I work as a fundraiser for another non-profit.

It's a glamorous life guys.

The reason it's so glamorous is because as a fundraiser I stand outside all day -- rain, snow, or shine -- and try to talk to hundreds of people every day. If people are nice, they'll actually stop and at least say hi, but for the most part, people aren't nice.

In the few weeks I've worked there, I've been ignored a lot. That's not terrible, but it kind of sucks having people's eyes slide right over you like you don't exist. The worst has been the people that are downright mean.

I've been told to fuck off a lot. I've been told to get a real job, and to go back to my home country and stop bothering hard working Americans (I was born here, I AM a hard working American). Someone once asked my name and then said, "Valorie, your job makes you human filth. Do something actually worthwhile with your time." I've been spat at, one woman almost hit me, and I've got the combinations of "go to hell," "shut up," and all that more times than I can count.

I'm not saying this to complain and I'm not looking for pity. But I will say this: I'm human, and even though I'm not supposed to take these comments personally, I have feelings and hearing that I'm a piece of shit does hurt.

So I'm begging you: Please, next time you see a fundraiser on the street, be nice to them. You don't have to stop, but please smile, say hi, wave, acknowledge his or her existence in some way. Because fundraisers are people too. They bleed just like you do, and they hate to be ignored just like you do. And if you see or hear someone tell a fundraiser to fuck off, be nice to that kid. Because nine times out of ten, they're people who have fallen on hard times - they need to pay rent, or pay student loans. They probably believe in the cause they represent, but they don't want to stand out in the rain for seven hours as much as the next person doesn't.

Be nice to the fundraisers.


  1. I'm sorry you've had to go through that! but I hope it gets better. and sorry to hear you lost a job. good luck with everything!! you'll do great stuff :)

    1. I'll survive! It was kind of a relief, really. I'll find something else. :)

  2. Ouch. People can be so horrible to each other sometimes. Here's to bigger and better things!

    1. Right?! People are so mean! I've never understood why.


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