Monday, March 19, 2012

the lovely March sponsors

Hello, all. :) Can you believe it's March 19th already? This month has flown by!

I wanted to take a day to introduce you to my lovely sponsors this month. They are awesome, and you should totally check them out. Seriously. :)

First up is Valorie Clark Photography. VCP is almost strictly natural light art, specializing in weddings and portraits, with a little destination photography on the side to keep life spicy. If you're fun and sassy (as I know most of you are), don't you deserve a fun and sassy photographer to capture your special day or event? Of course you do. You can check out the portfolio here, and get in touch here.

My name is Kaity, and I blog over at adventures of an American girl.  I'm just an average college student battling Alabama's crazy weather and massive piles of homework.  I started blogging last May as I was preparing for a summer spent studying in the south of France; I was originally just writing to keep track of my adventures abroad, but I have since follow in love with this wonderful bloggy-verse and my focus has expanded to include all sorts of randomness.  I love to cook and to write and to take pictures - and of course I love to share about all of the above! 

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Joy Juice helps sponsor my life in more than one way - it keeps me from going a little stir crazy! I'm a little over halfway through the 120 prompts and I love it. Joy Juice is for the ladies out their who think their life is fine. Their job is fine. School is fine. Relationships are fine. Maybe dreams are on the back burner to "reality" but basically, everything is fine. But they aren't happy. I invested in Joy Juice because I realized I deserved to be happy, and so do you.

Go check out all the sponsors guys. They're awesome! For real. 

Oh, you're considering sponsoring my lovely life? Ah, I love you! Check out the deets here.


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