Friday, April 13, 2012

sexy blog make over + a really awesome giveaway. basically, you want to read this post!

I know that yesterday I said there would only be one surprise, but apparently I'm a dirty little liar. Why? Because there are two!

The first is that I did a little blog make over last night. Look how pretty and green and pretty everything is! If you're just reading this in your RSS feed, this is the moment when I tell you click here and see how sexified the blog is. 

Okay, so that wasn't a huge deal to you, probably. But I was excited so I had to tell you, and I figured that it was a perfect makes-no-sense segue into the actual more exciting surprise I have for you today.

My lovely friend Amy is hosting a giveaway over on her blog starting rightthissecond. And I'm giving something away! From right now until next Friday, you can win a FREE 8x10 from my shop, which is a 100% discount from what they normally cost. (hardy, har, har.) You don't even have to pay for shipping! There is no losing in this situation. This print is probably my personal favorite, but that doesn't matter because all that matters is which one is your personal favorite when you win.

And guess what else? If you win, you won't just be winning something from me. You'll be winning a very cool headband from the Bloom Bright Shop by Sarah Joy. All of the proceeds from her shop go to the Koshe Project, which supports the people of Garbage City in Ethiopia. Also? Those headbands are beautiful.

You know what else you'll win? (This just keeps getting better doesn't it?) A month of free advertising on Amy's blog, PLUS a new/updated badge for your blog. I've seen Amy's design work and let me tell you, she is phenomenal. She will take care of you. :)

Why are you still even here? Seriously. Go enter this giveaway. There are 10 ways to win and you should do all 10 of them.  Because you want to win. Logic, right? Then you can come back and tell me how sexy the blog looks now. But mostly, go enter.


  1. LOVE the new design, redesigns are my fav. Going to enter the giveaway now!

  2. Your new blog design is lovely! Did you do it yourself? And tell me you didn't do it all in one night. I'm so impressed.


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