Monday, April 23, 2012

sign ups.


Hello, lovelies. 

I hope you're having another nice Monday. Yes? 

It's time for my monthly sponsor call. I've loved the sponsors I've had this month and I can't wait to meet the wonderful people that will join up in May. :) Simply, Valorie is getting 200+ pageviews a day, and is growing more every month.

Rates are great - $5 for a basic package and $8 for the higher end one. I've seen blogs of the same size charging more, but since I like to help a fellow blogger/Etsian out, I decided to keep rates lower. In fact, the higher end package is actually normally $10, but if you email me by April 28th, it's only $8.

For $8: 
You get a 200x200 ad space (obvs), a spot in the monthly sponsor spotlight post, and some mentions throughout the month on twitter (where I have 450+ followers) to drive more traffic to your blog/shop.

For $5: 
You get a 200x125 ad space (obvs) and a spot in the monthly sponsor spotlight post.

Spots are rotated throughout the month (big ads with big ads and small with small) to get you a little more visibility. 

I'm also available for product/Etsy shop reviews (fashion/apartment decorations/art prints only, please) and guest posts. Just get in touch - I'd love to hear any ideas you've got! 

Convinced? valorielovely {at} gmail {dot} com.

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