Thursday, April 12, 2012

suprises tomorrow mean weekly recaps today.

Hey friends. :) I'm doing my weekly recap a little early this week. Why you ask? Because, as you can probably tell by the title, I have a little surprise for you guys tomorrow. No I can't tell you what, that would ruin the surprise. But let's just say that you should definitely be stopping by the blog tomorrow. Get excited.

So. This past week on the internet:

Things You Missed Here on Simply, Valorie:

Things I Did Other Places On The Internet:

Things You Missed In My Shop:
  • I added five new prints from Hong Kong, the Great Wall, and Washington DC. They're approximately AWESOME. Check them out. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Things I Didn't Come Up With But Love:
  • 13 Steps to Get You Through a Rough Day - bookmark this for future reference. 
  • Filed under news that surprised no one: Drunk Russian Bro Claims He Has Knife-Proof Abs, Ends Up In The Hospital. We've all wanted to be on the stabbing end of that situation, am I right?
  • Are you a young female entrepreneur? Then you should be a part of YFE, which I just discovered yesterday and love.
  • Top 5 Panda Cheese Commercials. Basically, people who say no to panda cheese learn they do so at a price; namely, a rude panda shows up and ruins their day.

    My favorite is the fourth one, what about you?

Have a great weekend! And seriously, don't forget to come back by tomorrow! 

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