Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh, how I *love* April...


 Maybe it's just the blooming flowers and all the cute baby animals, but spring always makes me think warm and fuzzies, growth and progress. It's such a nice time of change, a time to grow and relax and hang out and appreciate what you've got and what you're getting.

Spring makes me wax philosophical, I know. But I just love it. I can't help it!

And with spring, I'm making some changes in life. Some very personal (mostly of a financial nature, eh hem), some internet-y (new blog design coming? who knows? well, now you do), some appearance-wise. Spring is just a good time for this kind of thing, you know? And of course, I'm setting goals. Because, how could I not be setting goals and being intentional about things? That would just be weird, right?

In March, my posting three times a week goal went well, but any sort of financial restraint went out the window (oh hello, J Crew outlet that is way too close to my apartment). That's going to have to change in April. I left this job, which while meaning I now have less of an income outside VCP, it also means I save money by not eating out every day, a bonus. Losing weight didn't happen, but I'm getting a bike soon so it will, and I did practice making my handwriting cute but did not write creatively or study Spanish even once. Yeah.

I'm also still looking for a blog conference to go to this year, so if you know of any good ones near DC that still have registration open, let me know!

In April, I Will...

(Creativity Bucket)
Do one DIY project
Finish Uncle Tom's Cabin

(Health + Exercise Bucket)
Lose two pounds
Work out three times a week

(Photography Bucket)
Enjoy that bluebonnet photo session I'm doing on Saturday (I still have a few open spots, Texans!)
Set up a staged wedding shoot (I'm looking for a couple to model if you're interested, email me!)

(Self-Improvement Bucket)
Study Spanish three times a week.
Stop biting my lips (the worst habit).

(Internet Everything Bucket)
Get my new site up & running (I can't wait to reveal it to y'all!)
Do that little redesign I mentioned. (I'm sneaky with this one, aren't I?)
Meet another blog friend in real life.

(Do Uncomfortable Things Bucket)
Find a blog conference to attend. (Are you guys going to any good ones?)
Sign up for a 5k.

(No idea why these are buckets? You need to read this.)


  1. hooray for goals!! I just finished putting my April ones together & I think it'll be a good month.

    and for the weight loss thing -- I just lost 4 pounds in less than a week by not drinking or eating carbs. which was pretty cool :)

    good luck, girl! looking forward to your new site!

    1. Hmm, no carbs? I can do that for a week. Maybe. (I'm thinking about all the carbs I've already had today...)

      Thanks, Amy! I can't wait to share it! :)

  2. ah how i wish i could join the bluebonnet session, how awesome!

  3. I heard there was a blog conference in Boston. Not sure how correct that is since I'm on the west coast. Also, the financial goals are the hardest, especially when you're a fashion\lifestyle blogger or maybe, just in general!-Jessica



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