Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Whoop!

Yeah, that's right, I'm still continuing this one! Join in, Aggie or not! (If you do, leave a link to your post in the comment section!) Whoooop! = RED ASS AWESOME EVENTS.
Tsssss = Lame events that sound like things t-sips would do.

Friday: Finished the obnoxious amount of tests I had last week (though I definitely tried to write my essay in the same style I write my blog entries... HELLO, FAILING GRADE), then went to Houston to see my lovely friend The Cynical Optimist (by the way, if you haven't clicked on the link to read her blog yet, even though I've mentioned her DOZENS OF TIMES YOU LAZY BUMS, you should). And we had a part-ay. Good times. Whoooop! I also got to sort-of meet my penpal from AUSTRALIA, Zoe MacLean, though it wasn't so much 'meet' as 'exchange emails and addresses.' EXCITING, RIGHT? Yeah, I know, you're jealous. Thanks, Teacups in Peony. :) Whoooop!

Saturday: The Cynical Optimist and I hung out at Agora, a really delicious coffee/wine bar, then went thrift store shopping. :) Hello, favorite things ever. Whoooop! I had to drive back to CS that afternoon though, which was NOT COOL. Tsssss! But I got to hang out with a bunch of people that I normally don't get to because they all go to school back home but were in CS for the weekend, so it evened out. :) I did get some weirdbad (yeah, weirdbad, all one word. Go with it.) news that night though. That'll have to be it's own post later though.

Sunday: I studied all morning, (tsssss), but then I went to lunch with aforementioned friends-from-back-home at a really good Sisch-Kabob (SP?!) place that I had never tried, but should have tried much sooner. We hung out, I found out that one of them has had a secret girlfriend for three years (UHM, WHAT?! I'm still in shock), it was all around good. Whoooop! Unfortunately, Mr. Man's dog ran away this afternoon, so we're a little bummed about that. Tsssss! I'm hoping she turns up though. I also always get together with some girls from Phi Lamb at 8 on Sundays for a Bible study, which I am LOVING. If you're looking for one to do, try Bad Girls Of The Bible, by Liz Curtis Higgins. It's a fun read, and very enlightening. :)

How were y'all's weekends?

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  1. I love the Bad Girls of The Bible studies. Her video series is very good. She is a funny lady.


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