Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Beautiful!

I feel awesome! Natalie over at My Life's Graffiti very sweetly awarded me the Beautiful Blogger award (because my camera's name is Stella)! Isn't she wonderful? Go check her out, she's pretty awesome, and has a pretty stinkin' sweet camera that she takes some pretty legit pictures with.

(Please feel free to imagine me happily clapping my hands like a toddler, because that's pretty much exactly what I'm doing.)

Now, because I'm the proud owner of the banner that makes me a coveted award winner, I must list ten things that make me happy and pass it on to ten other beautiful bloggers (if I can come up with that many). :)

My ten things (in no particular order) are...
1. Coffee in silly mugs.
2. Country-western dancing.
3. Doodling.
4. Taking pictures with Stella (that's her to the left! She gets to be in here because she helped me win the award.)
5. My fur-baby/love-of-my-life.
6. Weekends.
7. Weekends with Mr. Man.
8. Writing.
9. Sleeping.
10. Journaling.

Now, my bloggers:
1. Kassie over at color the world how you see it, because she's a pretty legit Aggie. No 2%-ing here!
2. The Novelista Barista, because she might like coffee almost as much as I do!
3. Dumb Mom over at parenting BY dummies, because she makes me laugh constantly.
4. Kassie at Raindrops on Roses, because her layout is adorable and she talks about pretty much anything, which is always fun.
5. Nicole over at my teacups in peony, because she's starting a super legit penpal thing that I'm really excited about!
6. Tia at Clever Girl Goes Blog, because her blog is fun and her writing is humorous. Love it.
7. The Cynical Optimist, because she's a real life friend who always has a good book recommendation, and even admits when she has no idea what the book was actually about. It's wonderful.
8. Take Me or Leave Me, because she's pretty good about always commenting on posts and being super honest on her blog. It's refreshing. :)

Okay, I can't come up with two more people who blog regularly enough for me to pull this off. Sorry! Check out those ladies though, they're all quite awesome.

Have a great day, blog-loves! :) And thanks again, Natalie!


  1. lady frienddd! :) you ARE beautiful and i miss you. capiche?

  2. What the what?! You picked me?! That's so friggin' sweet! But, here I am all embarassed in my sweat pants and puked stained shirt. I'm not even wearing a bra! These other ladies look awesome (and put together)! Next time I'm coming to an awards ceremony I'm gonna be dressed right. This is embarrassing! In all seriousness, I honestly, really, trully appreciate that you enjoy reading parenting BY dummies. Even if it is only to laugh at me. Being laughed at, under the circumstances is both expected and encouraged.


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