Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Whoop!

I'm thinking about making the Weekend Whoop! a weekly tradition. A way to bring a little bit of Aggieland to the blog. What do y'all think?

Tsssss = Lame events that sound like things t-sips would do.
Feel free to join in, Aggie or not! :)

So, this weekend started a little early for me -- Thursday. But not for a good reason. :( I was super stinkin' sick and couldn't even get out of bed for class on Friday. Tsssssss. But, the ever awesome Mr. Man came in to town on Friday and nursed me back to health so that by Saturday I was ready to LIVE again. Whoooop!

On Saturday Mr. Man and I went out and grabbed lunch and saw the movie The Wolfman, which is pretty darn good. Check it out. It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but there's a pretty good twist in it. Mr. Man and I always compete to see who can call the ending of a movie first, and I'm ashamed to say he called it first this time, but there's always next time. Challenge: Can YOU call the twist? That night, we went to a birthday party for a friend, where we ate pizza and sang karaoke. Yup, #80 done! Whoooop! We went out dancing after that and had a bunch of fun. Every time I don't go dancing for more than a week, I forget how much I enjoy myself when I do go out, so I'm glad I went. I'm getting pretty decent at country-western dancing too! It's exciting! Whoooop!

Sunday, well, it was Valentine's, and while I normally moan and groan about how stupid that holiday is, I had better things to say this year. :) Whoooop!

How were y'all's weekends?

(img cred for the wolfman photo [the other is mine!])

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