Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 Things That Make Me Happy!

Once upon a time, I said I was going to pick five things a day that make me happy and post them at the end of every blog post... we see how that turned out. ;) But! I have decided to do it at least once more for today's post. :) (They're in no particular order.)

1. This girl. She's kind of the most adorable thing ever. And I love her. And she needs to go to the vet, yes she does, yes she does... I hope I stop thinking like this before point two, yes I do... yes I do...

2. Trips to meet Mr. Man in Waco for dinner. Love it. Totally worth sacrificing country western dancing tonight. :)

3. Working out lots and lots. I have worked out almost every day for the past couple weeks and I can already tell it's paying off. #26, here I come!

4. Coffee and writing. I decided to put these in the same one because I can't possibly separate them. :) I've been spending my Thursday mornings at the local coffee house pattering away on my keyboard. It's a fantastic way to start my day.

5. Blogging! I love hearing from you guys and reading your posts and all that happy jazz. Especially people like Rachel, who assure me that long-distance can work, the two different Kassies who share my love of travel and love of God, la aventurista, who is always commenting and super-awesome, and Cyndi, one of my closest IRL friends who I miss terribly. :) They pretty much rock. You should go tell them you love them.


  1. Aww thanks, how sweet! I like that list of 5 :)

  2. Aw, I just saw this! You are so sweet. :)


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