Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Planning!

Recently, weddings have been coming up a lot in conversation.

I don't know why. I for one, don't want to get married any time soon. It's not like I don't like the idea of a pretty white dress and lots of free stuff (not to mention a huge diamond ring and getting to kiss Mr. Groom [whomever he ends up being] whenever I want), but I'm just too. damn. busy.

I won't be done with school until I'm twenty-five.


Yeah, people. That's right. Damn my mom for correctly predicting that I would go to law school. Maybe even 26 if I don't graduate from TAMU on time. [I don't want to talk about it. Whores in the dean's office. JUST KIDDING. Maybe. THEY'RE SCREWING ME OVER AND THEY SHOULD ALL JUST ACCEPT THAT I'M BRILLIANT AND GIVE ME MY DEGREE ALREADY. Seriously. It's just a piece of paper that acknowledges my brilliancy. It's not. that. hard. And I'm actually WORKING for it, not like these bull honorary degree recipients. I don't CARE what they did for America/The Whole Stinkin' World, did they go to your school? NOOOO.]

BUT I DIGRESS. Wow. Anyways. Eh-hem. Weddings, right.

Despite me insisting that I-don't-want-to-plan-a-wedding-and-try-to-get-my-law-degree-at-the-same-time-because-that-sounds-stupidly-stressful, they're pretty sure I'm going to get married first.

Before we graduate TAMU, before I'm even given my acceptance letter to UCBerkeley (which I'm sure they already drafted), I will have two rings -- my Aggie ring (Whoop!) and my engagement ring. That is their plan for me.


They have decided though that if I'm NOT married first, that means I will have broken up with Mr. Man and will NEVER get married. I have tried to point out the DOZENS of flaws in their logic here, but they refuse to acknowledge my intellectual superiority, thus leaving me with two choices:

Married by December 2012 or Never Married Ever Because I Suck At Life.

What do you guys think of this dress?


  1. wow. my dad is telling me that i'm not ALLOWED to get married before i graduate school, buuuut i'm also not going to law school so i should be done around 21/22 maybe 23 if i decide to take forever.

    aaannnddd that dress is very pretty :)

  2. At least you'll be married before the end of the world eh? ;)

  3. i think you should marry whenever you feel the time is right :) and i DON'T think that if you don't marry mr. man you will never be married. you're too special for that :)

  4. I didn't get married until I was almost 26. And for the record, I'm glad I didn't marry the man I was dating when I graduated college.. the man I dated almost the entire time I was in college and THOUGH I was going to marry... it would have ended badly. So.. I did NOT marry my Mr Man that everyone thought I would marry and yet, I still found someone and have managed to stay married to him for 11 years. So... graduate TAMU (patooie!- haha) get accepted to Berkley and go to law school.... you have plenty of time for the other stuff later.


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