Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh Friday, How I Adore You

Let me count the ways --

You are the end of a tough school week that has exhausted me to the core.

You're the day I finish classes early -- 3:15 instead of the typical 5.

You are the day I get to drive down to Houston to see my wonderful friend, The Cynical Optimist, whom I miss dearly.

You're the beginning of the weekend, which is always a wonderful, wonderful thing.

On weekends when I get to go home, you are the day I long for, when I get to spend three and a half hours on the open road with no one but my lovely car Scott and Taylor Swift, or Bright Eyes, or Ke$ha, or whomever my current musical obsession is.

You are the day when I'm exhausted from a late night out of dancing, but 20 years from now I'll only remember crawling into bed at 3 am on a Friday morning with a smile on, not how hard it was to get up in the morning.

In less than a month, you are the day my spring break starts, when I get to spend more than 48 hours in a row with Mr. Man and go on some secret trip my parents have planned.

Friday, you are all around lovely. Why is it that you only stop by once a week?


  1. Agreed on all accounts. And you are right about the crawling into bed at 3am thing... when I had my children, I complained it was too hard to be sleep-deprived and it was only because I was in my 30's and I would compare it to how easy it was for me in college to be out all night and still make an 8 o'clock with no problem. And I remember it all rosey... I suspect I, too, had a hard time getting out of bed the next morning, but have forgotten that part.


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