Friday, March 5, 2010

On The Universe Trying to Tell Me I'm A Bad Person

On Monday, I got a parking ticket. In a VISITOR'S PARKING LOT. You're not supposed to get parking tickets in a visitor's lot people! HELLOOO. And, AND, I park in this lot literally three times a week, and have been doing this for a few semesters now. What the heck, TAMU?

Thursday, I had two midterms: Oceanography and Chinese. Night before, I was trying to get some studying done, you know BE A GOOD COLLEGE STUDENT. I was supposed to meet up with some friends to study at 8, but I really wanted Starbucks first. So, I decided that instead of parking on campus, walking over a mile past the library where we were meeting, walking off campus, getting coffee, then walking back to the library, I'd park by the Starbucks, get my fix, and walk half a mile to the library. This sounds feasible right? NOPE. Not a single spot that I wouldn't have gotten ANOTHER PARKING TICKET in sight. So, I finally just drive through another Starbucks, park, go to the library, only to then check my email and find out that OH-HEY-WE'RE-CANCELING-BECAUSE-I-DON'T-KNOW-WHY-BUT-SEE-YOU-TOMORROW. Really, this could have all been solved if a) there was a Starbucks on campus and b) my phone actually notified me when I got emails like it's supposed to.

Then, Thursday, actual test day. I got up early to go volunteer to teach kids to read like I always do. I got there, and my kid was absent and "Oh...did we not call you and tell you not to come? Sorry." Thanks a bunch. So I studied, then had lunch, which ended up making me sick. I was trying to eat a nice, healthy, Lean Cuisine, and now all I want to do is throw up! GRRR. Then, I went to go take my first test. Oceanography. I sit down, realize I don't have a scantron, sprint to the nearest place that sells them and am all "Do you have a grey scantron?" and they were all "Nope. Try blahblahblah place." So I ran there, got one, and skidded back into the room like five seconds before the test started. The girl that had taken the seat next to me in my absence looked vaguely familiar, but I didn't think about it because, oh hey, we'd been in the same class for half a semester, of course I'd seen her at least once before. Right? WRONG. We went to high school together. She, being the nice girl she is, totally remembered this. And when she said "OHMYGOSH! Hey, Valorie! How have you been? I haven't seen you since like graduation!" I, being the terrible person I am, looked at her blankly and went "huh?" Thankfully, I recovered enough to be like "Oh, yeah, how are you?!" While thinking, "What the hell is your name?"

So, then, the actual test. The last one was such a breeze that I only studied about two hours for this one. MISTAKE. I'm pretty sure I totally bombed it. And the whole time I'm thinking "WHAT THE HECK IS THIS GIRL'S NAME?" I finished, got up, and she whispered "Bye! Have a good weekend! See you Tuesday!" Or some such nice thing that she would say, and it isn't until I'm leaving the classroom that her name slaps me in the face and I realize I HAD HER IN EVERY ONE OF MY SCIENCE CLASSES THROUGHOUT HIGH SCHOOL. She was my physics LAB PARTNER, for crying out loud!

Then, Chinese midterm. While not as much drama went down, let's just say that I'm so not ready to go LIVE IN CHINA FOR 8 MONTHS NEXT YEAR. Considering I couldn't even identify the characters for Beijing (北京) during the test, I'm wondering how on earth I plan on living in that city.


You know what, Universe? I don't care if you think I'm a bad person. I HATE YOU TOO.

I didn't mean that. I'm sorry! Please don't kill me. -whimper-

[The universe photo is Futurama's idea of God. Thank these people for the idea, and these for the picture.]


  1. oh man. sounds like a total blast of a day you had *cough*

    the universe and i seem to be at odds too as of late. maybe we should seek counsel and see if we can convince the universe to have a little mercy. :)

  2. Eek! The parking ticket blows....though I am shocked you haven't gotten one there before...that campus loves to give them! I was truly a visitor there and got one when I was setting up for a job fair.

    Sorry the universe & you are having a disagreement...hope you make up soon! :) lol I hope you did better on your test than you thought! Super small world that the chick from your HS was in your class!


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