Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe: Universal Studios

So, apparently I forgot to tell you guys about my trip to Hard Rock Cafe when I talked about going to California for New Years'. Yes, I realize this is pretty much forever and a day late, but it would have been even later had Mama Kat not posted "Tell us about your trip!" as one of her prompts this week. So, go mosey on over there and thank her. And read other people's writer's workshop posts!

For those of you that aren't regular readers (eh-hem), one of my goals in life is to visit every Hard Rock Cafe in the world. Which is going to be difficult since they keep building new ones and demolishing old ones (eh-hem, HRC people, you tore down the Reykjavik one the month before I was there. NOT APPRECIATED). Maybe I should say that I'm going to all the ones that exist as of March 1, 2010. But what if they open a cool new one?! I don't know about this...

Anyways. So, the one in Universal Studios. I was in LA with my mom, her best friend from college, Mandy, and Mandy's daughter Mahdis -- the four of us travel together a lot. We had tried to go to the one in Hollywood earlier (yes, they're different), but the cafe part wasn't actually open yet -- just the store.

See? Opening June, 2010. (Who's up for a trip?) But the one in Universal Studios turned out to be quite legit -- I mean, it had a giant light up guitar in front of it, how could it NOT be?
[If you can't tell, that says, "She don't love me, she loves my automobile -- ZZ Top" and the wall behind it says "Give Peace a Chance" which, I am ALL for.]
AND, AND, a giant car that rotated over the bar, where we had drinks. And a little snack. The bartender was also pretty hilarious, though if I'm perfectly honest, though there weren't as many crazily dressed hot waiters as I expected. I guess I'll always hold HRCs to the standard of the one in Chicago which is SUPER LEGIT. If you're ever in Chicago, GO. No excuses!

Unfortunately, I didn't have my Rebel XSi with me that night, so all my pictures pretty much suck (the flash on my point and shoot doesn't so much work), so that's all I have for you. It was a good night though. Someday, I'll go to the one in Hollywood and let you know how it is. :)


  1. i'm TOTALLY up for a trip to the Hollywood HRC! take me take me! =]

  2. Fun! I work in LA and I have never been to the HRC. Is it expensive? Is it worth it? Cute blog, by the way! I'm here from Mama Kats writers workshop!

  3. How exciting! I think I've been to all of ONE...and it was the one in Chicago if I am not mistaken...I live in So Cal and have yet to be to either of those HRC....guess I'll need to go now!

  4. awesome :) i know someone who collected shotglasses from every hardrock.

    i'm a new follower! love your blog! (thanks for stopping by mine)


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