Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Whoop!

Because I'm on Spring Break, I feel really weird doing the Weekend Whoop post today because it's like... I have seven more days of weekend! But, alas, I shall press on. :)

Don't forget: Whoooop! = RED ASS AWESOME EVENTS.
Tsssss = Lame events that sound like things t-sips would do.

Friday: I decided to start my break off with a bang, apparently, because I got kicked out of my one and only class that day. I have never been kicked out of a class before in my life. Walked out, yes, a few times. But kicked out? Whoa. I met Mr. Man back home for a late lunch though, and we walked around the park and flew a Buzz Lightyear kite that we randomly found! It was awesome! I wish I had photos but I left my camera in the car and forgot. :( That evening, around sunset though, I decided to take Stella (my Rebel XSi) out because she hadn't gotten to play in a long time. We took a walk through a local park. :)
Saturday: That morning, my mom forced me into some spring cleaning, but that afternoon, I went to go hang out with Mr. Man. We got ice cream for lunch and then played with his fur-baby, Marley. And more pictures came out of that!
They wrestled. I watched. And laughed. :)
That last one is possibly my favorite picture of him of all time. Also, that's a shirt I gave him. I feel special knowing he wears it. :)

Sunday: More spring cleaning all morning, then another walk with Marley in the park that afternoon. Very relaxing. Mommy and I went shopping after I left Mr. Man's, and now I'm here. How was your weekend?

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  1. duuude i got kicked out of a class for the first time this week too. but it was on monday. gr. PS- love the pics


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