Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend Whoop!

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Tsssss = Lame events that sound like things t-sips would do.

So, this weekend was pretty relaxing and full of shopping. It was wonderful. And it totally started on Thursday.

Thursday: After I got out of class at 5, I ran home, took a quick shower, got ready and dressed up super fast, and went for a Girl's Night Out to a cute local nice restaurant/bar and had a Dessert Night! Have you ever had one? It's where you go to a restaurant and just order desserts. It's pretty freaking fun! And delicious! Whoooop! After that though, I had to write a paper. :( tssssss!

(That's myself, Julie, and Stephanie.)

: Decided to have a Valorie-Only Night. Turned off my phone, read, wrote some, took a relaxing bath. Ended up going to sleep early. It was great. Whoooop!

Saturday: Woke up early, headed to the rec, then went to a coffee shop and wrote some more. My mom's good friend and her daughter were in town for a swim meet so I got to have lunch with them and go shopping for a few hours. Whoooop! After that, I hung out with the room mate and a few of our friends. We watched part of Snow White and The Incredibles and made homemade milkshakes that were stinking delicious. Whoooop! I got some really bad news that night though. Well, not so much bad news as I discovered that one of my ex-boyfriends who I really don't like nor want much of anything to do with still has my phone number and won't leave me alone, despite how many times I've threatened a restraining order if he ever contacts me again. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to block a number on the iPhone and I really don't feel like paying AT&T $10 a month to help me ignore his phone calls/texts.

Sunday: Got up early again (tsssss), did some homework and a Bible study, then went to Round Rock to meet my mom and go shopping. We shopped for like five hours and I got a new wallet at Coach (courtesy OF Coach: my last wallet ripped and they couldn't fix it, so they gave me $50 for a new one instead)! It was pretty darn cool. Whoooop! Came home, went to my Bible study meeting with the girls and just hung out and had fun. Whoooop! After that though? More homework. LAME!

And that was my weekend. How was yours? :)

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