Friday, March 12, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Next to Heaven just did this, as are a few others, and I thought it was a cool idea. Basically, they're asking their readers what they might want to see about their life. For example: my desk in my room, what I keep in my purse, my ridiculously messy closet, my living room, my fairly empty pantry, my favorite place to hang out, a picture of something where I live, etc. etc.

So, what do YOU guys want to see? (Let's keep this PG-13, mmkay, pumpkins?)

And while you're at it: ask me anything!

Oh, and while you're at things, go check out my guest post on Raindrops on Roses! It's fun times, honest! :)


  1. I wanna see your favorite chill spot on campus :)

  2. this is for self-serving reasons.. but I want to see a picture of your favorite Mexican food. Since I am from Texas, know what good Mexican food is, but do not have it available to me in New Jersey.


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